List of Foods that Contain Peanuts

List of Foods that Contain Peanuts


Peanuts are renowned for their exceptional nutritional properties. Antioxidants in it help to thwart free radicals and vitamins aid to enhance healthy functioning of your body.

But, for few people this energy rich source may be a health hazard. When they consume peanuts, the immune system releases antibodies and histamines to combat them. This chemical reaction triggers allergic reaction varying from person to person.

Peanut allergy symptoms may range from mild to severe reaction. Runny nose, hives, redness or swelling of skin, itching around mouth, throat and tongue are few signs of this allergic reaction. A study in 2010 state that peanut allergy in children has tripled between 1997 and 2008. (1)

Immediate medical attention is needed if you experience above mentioned allergic symptoms. To prevent this reaction, you must avoid having peanuts and foods that include them.

Foods that Contain Peanuts

Increase awareness of these food types to minimize the allergic reaction. Often peanuts are used in most popular dishes like Italian, Thai, Chinese, African dishes. So you must either confirm it from the restaurant or check the ingredients on the product by yourself.

  1. Peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut flour
  2. Nougat – It’s a whipped candy that comes in various flavors. Peanuts are also used to make nougat.
  3. Pesto – It’s an Italian pasta dish.
  4. Desserts – Peanuts are used in cookies, brownies and pastries for crunchy texture.
  5. Muffins and Breads – Peanut oil are added in breads, whereas Muffins are accompanied by peanut butter.
  6. Artificial nuts – Nu-Nuts are made by removing peanuts flavor and adding other nuts like walnuts.
  7. Candy – Often, candies are made with nuts. Though it can be healthier for most people, people who’re sensitive to peanuts must avoid them.
  8. Bars – Because of its nutritional value, most energy bars include nuts.
  9. Beer nuts, ground nuts, flavored nuts
  10. Fenugreek
  11. Potato chips fried in peanut oil
  12. Dried salad dressing
  13. Fried snack
  14. Cake icing
  15. Cereals.

Other names of peanut

Peanuts can be hidden in many food items with different names. However you have to be careful while making purchase. The following are the names of peanut.

  • Arachide
  • Arachis oil
  • Kernel
  • Beer nuts
  • Goober nuts
  • Goober peas
  • Valencies
  • Mandelonas
  • Nu- nuts
  • Ground nuts

Non-Food Sources of Peanuts

If you are allergic to peanuts you have to be careful not only with the food items you are consuming but also with several other items that may contain peanuts and cause you allergic. The list of non-food sources of peanuts are as follows

  • Lip gloss
  • Skin care creams
  • Cosmetic items
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Crafts material
  • Pet food
  • Bird feeds
  • Mouse traps
  • Ant baids

As mentioned you must check the labels before having food. Items like ice cream, cereal, cookies, crackers, maraschino cherries, salads, veggie burgers and pralines may trigger allergic reaction in your body.

Few beverages may contain peanuts like, liquors made from almond; black walnut, hazelnut and macademia nut should be avoided.

Check with your allergist before having outside food. You may think it’s safe but it may include some allergens. You can see the complete list of foods that contain peanuts here.

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